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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Full + Serial - Win 7 Compatible

Dreamweaver remains the best Web editing solution for designers and developers, both self-employed freelancers and members of large production teams. The improved CSS support is a welcome improvement for... complex designs and the Photoshop smart objects makes it easier than ever to keep your images looking sharp. This latest version of Dreamweaver adds a lot of value and is a must-have for designers building complicated, cutting-edge Web sites.

Dreamweaver CS4 is still the editor of choice for freelancers and corporate Web designers alike, and this release just makes it more useful. As with CS3, Dreamweaver CS4 has strong integration with Flash, Photoshop, and Fireworks. But now there are some new elements as well:

Photoshop smart objects
These act just like images inside of Dreamweaver, but they are generated from the Photoshop original PSD. So any time you edit it in Photoshop, you can get it updated in Dreamweaver. And if you resize the image in Dreamweaver, you can get an optimized version for that size from the original.

Subversion integration
If you work on a team, you will want the ability to check-in and check-out files and have the strong version control that Subversion offers. And Dreamweaver CS4 integrates directly with Subversion.

Extended Spry framework support
If you weren't sure how to use the Spry framework in CS3, now you'll really like it in CS4. Now you can use existing HTML pages as your data sets and the framework even comes with some of the more popular uses pre-built for you.

Author Adobe AIR applications
Dreamweaver CS4 now supports writing Adobe AIR stand-alone applications that run on the desktop.
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