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MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer 5.0.10354

Professional package for designing and creating web-sites, offering unlimited freedom in layout and design pages with the most complex designs.

You are dissatisfied with their design web-site? Or do you simply want to try to create your first personal website? Then MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer 5 is the most ideal and the most flexible and simple solution. The developers emphasize that to create graphically rich web-pages the user is not required to know HTML or javascript languages. And to assess the results of his work is available offline preview.

Main features of the package MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer 5:

- A free web-page layout and graphic design elements

Unique technologies integrated into the development packages allow you to create professional web-sites, the quality and design of which is limited only by your desire and creativity.

- Change the colors using the slider

It is interesting that when you drag a header field or a button from the gallery of pieces on the page layout of these elements automatically change color to the one that set the color scheme of the layout.

- Support for text wrapping any figures

Another unique feature of the package is to support text-wrapping any figures. Professionals Web Design Xara Web Designer can be very useful in rapid prototyping websites just half an hour, and you have a preliminary mock-up with support for all major functions.

- Automatically adjust the size of graphic elements for the input text

By the unique possibilities of the package include and automatically match the size of the graphic elements for the input text. For example, a graphical button with the inscription can automatically stretch or shrink depending on the length of the inscription. Size and position of text fields with a graphic background can be freely changed, but the text but will be correctly displayed in accordance with the new boundaries of the field.

- Large set of tools to use Flash, widgets, photo albums Picasa, maps Google, viderolikov etc.

In addition to the free layout web pages and the capacity for rapid change of color and graphic design for a whole set of pages, the package MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer 5 contains a large set of tools to use Flash-spots and widgets, photo albums Picasa, maps Google, YouTube and others viderolikov Download ready pages on the site, where they will be placed, by means of a convenient built-in FTP-client.

- Correct display pages created in all modern browsers

Developers package MAGIX Xtreme Web Designer 5 guarantees that created with its help pages are displayed correctly in all modern browsers, as fully meet the standards of W3C and XHTML. 

Download :

Portable Belltech Greeting Card Designer v5.4.0

Create your own business cards and print on your own printer right now! Design your stunning business cards easily. Belltech Business Card Designer Pro, a feature-rich professional quality business card software, helps you create amazing cards in a matter of minutes and print them right-away — on your own printer, on card stocks from Avery, Sigel, Herma, Formtec, DECAdry etc. Want to see how your business card may look like? See some samples of business cards designed using this card creator.
Product Highlights:
* Quick and Easy Design: Select and draw shapes and text. Resize, tilt, change color, fill with gradient color or do anything with your design elements.
* Use templates and graphics: Don’t know how to start the layout of your card? Use our card templates, background and clip-arts to start with easily. Simple to use yet so powerful!
* Convenient Design tools: Can draw rectangle/triangle/circle or any freehand lines and shapes.
* Stunning Background: Use the supplied backgrounds or use your own. Anything is possible and is easy.
* Use Color blends: This is a unique feature of this business card software. You can now have a color blend the way you want, the control is in your hand. Remember, this is not a static background image, but a filled shape whose color-blend and texture you control completely.” Possibilities are endless!
* Use your own clip-arts, logo, photos: We supply you with many graphics that you can use, but don’t think that it is all you can use. Get your own picture, logos, clip-art and design the perfect card you want.
* Supports any printing papers: Supports all standard business card papers from Avery and other suppliers.
* Choose any card size: With version 1.2 and above you can choose any size from 1 X 1 inch to 5 X 5 inch. The choice is yours. The US standard is 3.5 X 2 inch or 2 X 3.5 inch.
* Customize printing: Want to print 1 card or 5 card? You decide and watch the printing!!.
* Save as image: You can save your work as bmp, jpg, gif, png image and take it to your favorite print-shop to have professional printing done.

Download :
Portable Belltech Greeting Card Designer v5.4.0 | 57.9 MB

Bluetooth Remote Control v4.0

Bluetooth Remote Control (Remote Phone Control now) is a program that lets you use your mobile to control the basic functions of different programs using, as a means of communication, a Bluetooth connection between your phone and your PC.

Specifically, Bluetooth Remote Control you can control the basic functions of programs such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, Media Player Classic, PowerDVD and Windows Media Center for Vista.

Requirements for Windows:
Telephone remote control compatible with all Bluetooth solutions on the PC, and Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista & Seven. The program supports three main solutions Microsoft, Widcomm / Broadcom and Toshiba directly from the box. Therefore, no need for user configuration! All others are supported via COM port access:

Microsoft Bluetooth solution
Widcomm Bluetooth solution
Toshiba Bluetooth solution (COM port automatically detected)
BlueSoleil Bluetooth solution (easy step by step guide to configure the correct COM port)
. Net Framework 1.1

Requirements for mobile phones:

Support Java MIDP2.0 (Almost all phones released since 2005)
Bluetooth (with Java JSR-82).
A lot of mobile phones are released every year. It is impossible to maintain a current list of compatible phones. But if the phone is released after 2005, with Bluetooth should be independent of support is from Nokia, Samsung, LG, SonyEricsson, Motorola, BlackBerry and other phone manufacturers.

IPhone does not support Java MIDP2.0 and is not compatible


Shows song name, artist & track time and UI objects
Browse playlists, songs, artist, album and composers
Search for songs
Rank tracks
Toggle shuffle
Repeat track or library
Play / pause, rewind, fast forward, change volume, previous / next track


Shows next slide and slide notes
Current Shows slides
Play / stop presentation, previous / next slide
Load recently used file
Browse / Goto all / any slide
Presentation time
Scroll slide notes
Vibrate when time expires


Shows song name, artist & track time and UI objects
Search for song and artists
Play / pause, rewind, fast forward, change volume, previous / next track
Toggle shuffle mode
Change volume
UI objects
Toggle repeat mode

Windows Media Player

Shows song name, artist & track time and UI objects
Browse playlists and artists
Rank tracks
Toggle shuffle
Repeat track or library
Play / pause, rewind, fast forward, change volume, previous / next track

Mouse mode

Full support for controlling the PC mouse
See the computer desktop on the phone
Zoom in and out of the desktop
B & W colors for faster response time
Enter text
File Browser

Allows launching of files

Change system volume
Start screensaver
Lock workstation
Shutdown Windows
Start screensaver

Acrobat Reader
XingDVD Player
Real Player
ATI DVD Player
Musicmatch Jukebox
VLC Media Player
Power Point (with keymap)
WinAMP (with keymap) 

Download :

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